Why Outsource?

Why Outsource?

Along with the product itself and its price, Post-Sales Service is in the top 3 most critical elements of the buying decision. In the event that field service is required, how the service is received, serviced and resolved can mean the difference between losing a customer or keeping one— for life!


Reduce your overall field service cost; turn fixed costs and overhead into variable costs

Post Sales Field Service is widely considered a “cost center” and not a “profit center”! With that in mind, the number one strategic element for managing a successful service department is maximizing the service as cost-efficiently as possible.

As your field service partner, we can be the strategic element you need, yielding high results at a lower cost than internal field service technicians or multiple independent providers.

Increase turnaround times and rapid response from local technicians

Why Outsource?

People understand that “stuff happens”! But as your sales and service department already knows, when “stuff” happens, how quickly it’s handled and resolved is what makes the difference.

To streamline communication and workflow, we utilize a central office in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but in order to provide a rapid response, all of our technicians are field-based and local to their respective areas. The net result is a concert of consistent communication and quick resolution.


Maintain a high level of quality workmanship

Most companies understand how we can be more cost effective and quicker to the site, but now the question is, “What type of representation can we expect”?

Rest assured that UTS technicians are recruited and screened thoroughly UTS only recruits technicians with extensive experience in the industry. Once a technician has met our standard set of criteria, they go through an orientation of the “do’s and don’ts” of customer service, service level expectations and training.

We understand that even though our technician is part of the UTS team, when we get to the jobsite we represent you and your customer. We don’t take that lightly!

Produce consistent results with a single point of contact with consistent internal processes, reporting and field methods

Consistent results can only be achieved through a consistent process; hence, we utilize the same set of standards, expectations and work flow process both internally and out in the field for each request that comes through our office.

In the event that certain methods are required, we can accommodate, but the specific method is integrated in a consistent work flow.

Improve Risk Management

Risk Management is defined as identifying, assessing and prioritizing the effect of uncertainty on objectives and then applying coordinated and economical resources to minimize, monitor and control the potential impact of unfortunate events.

With field service there is an inherent risk of an employee getting hurt on a jobsite or damage to personal property as well as an inherent risk of an independent not representing you well or not fulfilling their obligation.

UTS can help you dramatically improve your risk management by avoiding the expensive Workers' Comp premiums for employees and by providing you with an accountability partner that stands behind each individual technicians work. We allow you to get back to and focus on your core business model by managing the field service resources for you...that’s what we do.


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