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What Customers Are Saying

As a field service provider, every field service request that comes through our office is an opportunity to resolve a problem and an opportunity to provide outstanding results by exceeding expectations.

While we may not be perfect every time, although we strive to be, it’s always good to hear the positive feedback that comes back from the field!

Check out what our customers are saying below.  If you'd like a more detailed list of references or testimonials, please contact us.

 Matt R. - Virginia (Homeowner)

"I just wanted to say "thank you very much" for the outstanding service that your company provided us with the replacement sidelight.

Also, the technician you sent out to our house was very meticulous and professional. No doubt, your company is now one of my favorite companies to work with and I will be sure to recommend your products to all my friends."

  Herb L. - New York (Homeowner)

“Daniel from UTS arrived promptly at 7pm on Friday evening, and immediately went to work replacing both the left side light and the main door glass.  Daniel carefully cleaned, prepped and replaced both the glass in an efficient manner; cleaned up carefully so no glass splinters were left and took all packaging materials with him. 

I would highly recommend Daniel for any warranty work that your company needs done.”  

 Mike W. - Illinois (Manufacturer)

"Spoke to the home owner this AM to follow up the service, he advised that Dan was great and that "Your install was better than the previous install company had originally done and actually went above and beyond when seeing that the subfloor board was rotting, Dan took care of it." He, along with the retailer and manufacturer is extremely impressed with UTS and the service both from entering the store, installation and returning the old unit to the store. Your quick response was the key to this process being successful!! NICELY DONE!!!! APPRECIATE YA!!!!"

 Kevin O. - Ohio (Homeowner)

"I apologize for not sending this sooner, but I wanted to thank you first for your company standing behind their warranty. You have been a pleasure to do business with at the customer level; you kept me in communication with regards to the progress/tracking of my order as well as the contact information of the installer. This constant updating of information put my worries to rest.

My wife and I found the UTS installation crew to be very professional and respectful of us and our home. They also kept me in constant communication as to the progress of the shipment/ delivery of the replacement glass as well as delays (bad weather) the day of the work was to be performed. They did a great job.

As unfortunate as it was the product had defects, it truly has been my pleasure to have done business with you and your company. Thank you for making a bad situation a much better one for us. We are once again enjoying our beautiful entrance thanks to you."

 Nikola D. - Windsor, Ontario (Homeowner)

"We wanted to let you know that your tech that performed the service repair on our door was very professional and did a great job.  Thank you."  

Tim S. - North Carolina (Manufacturer)

"We spoke to the homwowner and they had nothing but praise for your communication, skills, and professionalism that you excibited while caring for their warranty claim.  Thanks for all your hard work!"

 Dave H. - Pennsylvania (Homeowner)

"I want to thank you and the manufacturer for your commitment to your products and for honoring my warranty. Both doors were installed this week and my wife says that she likes them very much. The two men who installed them were very careful and consulted me whenever they had a question. They also commented on the quality of the doors and how nice they looked. Thanks again for your efforts on my behalf."

 Scott H. - Texas (Homeowner)

"What an incredible treasure you have in this field agent. He is prompt, courteous, well groomed, prepared for the wide scope of repairs/adjustments and very detail oriented! The problem is solved and my confidence in the product is restored, despite the root cause of the problem.

I would like to request that you forward my comment to the appropriate department heads in Production, Sales & Marketing, Customer/Warranty Service, as well as the President of this door manufacturer.

Again, thank you for your assistance on this matter. I am very satisfied with the handling of this “challenge”, and my accolades and my profound thanks are directed to you and your technician!”

 Thomas F. - New Jersey (Manufacturer)

"Had a call from the homeowner today stating he was very happy with the workmanship and professionalism of Jack.  He was tidy and quiet, and overall the homeowner was very pleased and wanted to express this."

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